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A Look Back at 2012…

I wanted to share with you where we have been in the past year and we are most certainly looking forward to the great things to come in 2013.  I want to publicly thank the countless supporters and the awesome sponsors/partners who continue to make our bridal fashion events a success.

And of course, a huge thank you to the amazing Style to the Aisle Team aka “Fashionistas” who make it all possible to create a unique bridal experience.  I could not possibly do everything to keep bringing this vision to reality year after year.

2012 has been full of great memories…


ANTM Bianca Golden joins models on the runway at Style to the Aisle…a Bride’s RUNWAY 2012



Korbel became our first corporate sponsor, which we were excited about to receive the support from such a major brand.

Our first official photo shoot…the models froze but they were amazing.  A huge thank you to Bonny Bridal and B. Foxy Jewelry & Accessories for supplying the gowns and accessories.

We are making good on our promise to expanding and bringing more shows in the future across the U.S., with two new shows premiering in the Spring and Fall of 2013.  We are excited to share all the great things happening.  Check back often & let newly engaged couples know all about the fun at Style to the Aisle…a Bride’s RUNWAY!



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