Bridal Fashion

Sanyukta Shrestha at White London

London based bridal designer Sanyukta Shrestha has been regarded as the fast rising star of the industry having been awarded The Best Perfect Wedding Newcomer Award 2011 and Bridal Innovation Award 2011.  Her aim is for a new vision for bridal wear, one that combines an eco-friendly approach with the hand-crafted luxury, expected of the most desirable bridal collection & millinery: the whole collection is driven by a “Love Green-Believe In Ethics”.

Sanyuktha Shrestha 1Sanyuktha Shrestha 2Sanyuktha Shrestha 3Sanyuktha Shrestha 4Sanyuktha Shrestha 5Sanyuktha Shrestha 6Sanyuktha Shrestha 7Sanyuktha Shrestha 8Sanyuktha Shrestha 9


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